8 September 2016 update

This is part of the Wild in 2012 just after we moved into The Engine House. The tubs are full of rubble, which Laura and I hoped could be used in the landscaping. In fact, some was

Summer 2012 – South East corner of The Wild

used to make gabion walls between the Orchard and the Wild. One of three half pipes on the right became a hedge hog shelter and the other a frog shelter in the pond that is about to be dug.






Summer 2016 – South East corner of The Wild













30 August 2016

Today I have got into my own website for the first time today–all by myself! Now I’ve got Clare on the t2016-08-30 10.06.23elephone directing me as I write. Below is a photo of this year’s new grape vine. I’m still working hard to understand things, not helped by my antique mouse! Tomorrow, there will be a new mouse.

Soon there will be a new mouse and a new a blog entry!

24 August 2016

Dear Folks,

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First Discovery apple
Discovery Apple (Laura’s choice) from the Wild (4 year old tree)

Brown Turkey fig
To the right is a Brown Turkey fig from Clare’s garden. We had this for our breakfast. In Collingham I have a clone of this tree, which is still only about a metre high.

Brandywine & black cherry tomatoes





Black cherry and Brandywine tomatoes in Clare’s garden – about 29 deg C again today, so they should start ripening soon!





Clare's pond
Clare’s fish/frog/toad pond on this hot summer’s day



23 August 2016

Arrived at Clare’s house in Essex yesterday, prepared with some recent pictures for my first blog.

Anaheim chillies

Hanging basket 1

These are the Anaheim chillies (seeds bought whilst on a trip with Connie last winter in California) which are nearly ready to harvest.

To the right are the first tomatoes of the season – grown in a hanging basket and put outside before we left for France in May. Thanks to Steve Pearson and colleagues for looking after them whilst we were away